Influencing perceptions to accomplish your objectives
Steve Hill
Strategic PR

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Customer Testimonials

Michael Cavanaugh

CMO & GM, Product Management, GE Homeland Protection, Inc.


“Steve is one of the best public relations professionals with whom I've ever worked. While many people see PR in a tactical way driven by fuzzy objectives, Steve championed a strategic view driven by real metrics. He consistently sought out a coordinated business communications strategy linking together PR, marketing communications, corporate communications and business strategy. This comprehensive approach saved us considerable time, effort and money while improving the overall effectiveness of our message. Steve's energy and determination made him a respected member of our leadership team, and his sense of humor made working with him a great deal of fun.”

Raymond A. Lauk, Ph.D./MBA

Education Vertical Marketing Manager, GE Security


“Steve Hill is one of those unique individuals who understands how to effectively leverage PR to accomplish the goals of the business. Three years ago we created the Education Vertical at GE Security in a market that was dominated by a low-bid commodity model. Steve worked with us to create a comprehensive PR program that leveraged our unique expertise and services that was immediately a “game changer” for the industry. Steve and his PR concepts positioned us as industry thought leaders -- not as sellers of “boxes” in a commodity driven market, but rather as experts who delivered meaningful solutions to customers’ greater challenges. Within a very short time, our vertical leaders were recognized nationally for setting the new industry standard in safe, secure, and drug-free schools. Steve was adept at understanding the work that we did and our approach to building relationships with customers. Steve accompanied us on several projects intending to be an observer learning about our backgrounds and solutions. However, he quickly became a contributor who brought immense value to our customers’ challenges of communicating effective messages to their communities. Steve has great talent and skills in taking our vague and clouded concepts and developing them into compelling, strategic, and crystal clear concepts distilled to messages that resonate with customers. Believing the expert – and not the PR person – is the best spokesperson for the business, Steve has personally taught my colleagues and me how to deliver our messages in a more impactful manner, and he has facilitated our advanced learning through several top-notch media training programs. He has nurtured our continued development and has been a rich resource who has driven business for our vertical marketing team. Steve Hill is a consummate business person, a skilled spokesperson, and a very astute, strategic thinker who is prone to action! You will find no one more gifted and talented in the field of communications and PR than Steve Hill!”